1. phcenter.eu

Our main payment methods are managed by Stripe or PayPal (On request)

The phcenter.eu site allows you to pay for your purchases by credit card via STRIPE, an international company specializing in secure online payment.

Stripe is a secure web payment infrastructure.
Your bank details are collected by our payment service provider STRIPE which uses an encryption algorithm (PCI certification level 1 which offers the highest level of security).

The STRIPE banking solution is therefore PCI DSS certified by VISA and MASTERCARD: this international security standard ensures the confidentiality and integrity of cardholder data, and thus secures the protection of data concerning the card and the transaction.

Important: At no time, neither the phcenter.eu site nor STRIPE have access to your credit card number.

Your bank details are encrypted

  • They are encrypted using SSL, Secure Socket Layer technologies.
  • They do not circulate in clear on the Internet and cannot be intercepted.
  • During a payment, your credit card number will be visible only for entering the field.
    Only the last 4 digits will be visible in your account, the others being hidden for security.
  • You can also delete your credit card information after each payment.

Pay with PayPal on request

PayPal : We offer the possibility of paying by PayPal on request.

Steps to follow :

1-You have an account

2-You create your basket

3-Call us or send us a message with the contact us form or with the chat

4-We send you a payment request for the amount of your basket.

5-Once your payment has been made, we validate your order