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Electrode rack
Electrode Racks by Sensorex - High-Quality Holders for pH, Conductivity &

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Sensorex Electrode Racks

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Delve into the world of Sensorex's comprehensive catalog, showcasing an extensive array of electrode racks meticulously designed for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen electrodes. Crafted from premium materials, these racks promise durability and consistent performance. Catering to diverse requirements, our selection encompasses a variety of sizes and configurations, ensuring the perfect fit for a multitude of applications. Embrace precision in measuring your samples with Sensorex's reliable solutions.

Discover the full spectrum of options available in the Sensorex Catalog and secure the ideal electrode rack for your needs today!

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Reference: SENS-864


ES100-Electrode holder

The ES100-Support is a laboratory electrode holder from the Sensorex brand. It allows for the electrodes to be held in place for precise and reliable measurements.

Price €166
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