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pH ORP Simulator
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Discover our catalog of pH, RedOx and simulators at Sensorex. Quality solutions for your laboratory measurements

Sensorex Catalog

Sensorex Catalog: Discover Our Wide Range of pH and RedOx Sensors and Simulators for Accurate Measurements

The Sensorex pH RedOx Simulator catalog presents a range of pH and redox potential simulation products for laboratory and field applications. Simulators are designed to test and calibrate pH and redox potential measuring instruments. They offer exceptional accuracy and reliability to ensure accurate and reliable measurement results.

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Reference: SENS-840

CAL-C110-pH / ORP Simulator, High Impedance

The CAL-C110-pH is a high impedance pH and ORP simulator designed by Sensorex for laboratory use. It is also known as the pH RedOx Simulator CAL-C110.

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