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Sensorex Featured Catalog: Innovative Sensors & Controllers for Industrial Use

ProductsDiscover the flagship products of the Sensorex catalog: superior sensors, monitoring systems and control solutions for a variety of industrial

Sensorex Featured Products

Sensorex Featured Products

The Sensorex Featured Products catalog is a collection of innovative and reliable products for industrial and commercial applications. It offers a complete range of sensors and controllers for the measurement and control of physical, chemical and biological parameters. The products are designed for easy installation and maintenance and offer exceptional accuracy and reliability. The products are also designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. With quality products and exceptional customer service, Sensorex is the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications.


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Reference: SENS2-2469

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

TX10 - pH/ORP Transmitter, 4-20mA

The TX10 pH and ORP transmitter is a convenient and cost effective solution for pH and ORP monitoring. This transmitter allows you to save space in your panel with the small footprint of its 1/8 DIN case. The isolated, reversible 4-20mA output of the transmitter provides versatility for a range of process control possibilities. Easy to install 1/8 DIN...