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Sensorex Parmer Catalog: Quality pH, Conductivity & Temperature Sensors

Discover the Parmer catalog from Sensorex for water quality measurement solutions. Order online now.

Sensorex Parmer Catalog

Discover Sensorex Parmer's Quality Sensors

Explore the Sensorex Parmer catalog for an extensive array of premium sensors tailored for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature monitoring. Our products are meticulously crafted to serve diverse industrial, environmental, and laboratory settings.

Each sensor is presented with comprehensive details to assist you in making an informed selection. We provide expert guidance to ensure you find the perfect sensor for your specific requirements.

Delve into our Sensorex catalog and find a broad spectrum of superior quality sensors. Sensorex Parmer stands as the benchmark in delivering exceptional measurement solutions for both your industrial and scientific needs.

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Reference: EQUI-0675


pH1600 replacement pH probe Parmer R5900165 with extended lifespan

The pH replacement probe pH1600 Parmer R5900165 is a high-quality laboratory equipment designed to measure pH and redox potential. Manufactured by Parmer, this probe offers an extended lifespan and is ideal for laboratory use

Price €127
Available in 1-3 weeks (*)