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Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment
Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions | Sensorex - Quality Sensors & Controllers

The Sensorex catalog offers water and wastewater treatment products for municipal applications. Discover a full line of sensors, controllers, accessories and

Sensorex Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Sensorex specializes in providing high-quality products tailored for the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry. Our extensive catalog features a comprehensive range of sensors, controllers, measuring instruments, and processing systems. We are committed to innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions for a variety of applications, including detection and monitoring systems as well as fully integrated treatment systems.

Our products are engineered to fulfill the most demanding quality and safety standards. Known for their reliability and durability, Sensorex's offerings are also user-friendly, ensuring seamless integration into existing water treatment infrastructures. Explore the Sensorex catalog for advanced instruments and solutions designed to enhance wastewater control and management.

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Reference: SENS2-2323

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

CAL-C110 pH and ORP Simulator

pH and ORP measurement loops can be difficult to troubleshoot unless you have the right tools. Our CAL-C110 simulator mimics the signal of a perfect pH or ORP sensor. No need to throw away good sensors when the issue may be the interconnection cables or pH/ORP instrument. The simulator costs less than most pH or ORP sensors. It can easily pay for itself...

Reference: SENS2-2324

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

TX2000 - pH & ORP Transmitter/Controller, Intelligent

Our TX2000 is an intelligent transmitter/controller for reading pH and ORP sensors and programmable process control. The large LCD display shows pH/ORP value simultaneously with temperature. Compatible with all Sensorex combination-style pH and ORP sensors. Versatile mounting options for panel or wall mounting. Reliable pH/ORP monitoring and process...

Reference: SENS2-2325

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

pH Buffer Solutions - pH 10.00

Sensorex's pH 10.00 buffer solutions provide reliable accuracy for water treatment processes, ideal for high pH applications like heavy metal precipitation and acid neutralization. Manufactured to stringent quality standards, these solutions ensure precise and dependable results for municipal water and wastewater treatment, available in Sensorex's...

Reference: SENS2-2355

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

PM1000 - SensoLab Benchtop pH/ORP Meter

The new SensoLab Series Benchtop pH/ORP Meter is the perfect solution for a range of applications from instructional chemistry laboratories to quality control testing. Our waterproof pH and ORP meter helpfully prompts you through the calibration and measurement procedures, and includes the optional AUTOLOCK feature to ensure repeatable and reliable pH and...

Reference: SENS2-2407

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

CLDA-5018 - Maintenance Kit, Chlorine Dioxide

Keep your chlorine dioxide amperometric sensors running for extended lifetime and improved accuracy using this chlorine dioxide maintenance kit. Compatible with CLD Series Chlorine Dioxide Amperometric Sensors. This kit includes: (1) replacement membrane cap (1) replacement pressure relief band (2) 30mL bottles of electrolyte refill solution (2)...