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Pulse Instruments
Sensorex Pulse Instruments Catalog: Water Treatment & Research Measuring Tools

Discover the Sensorex Pulse Instruments catalog for precise and reliable measurement. Order now!

Sensorex Pulse Instruments Catalog

Explore Our Pulse Instruments Catalog

Discover a comprehensive selection of high-quality measuring instruments tailored for water treatment, environmental, and scientific research applications within the Sensorex Pulse Instruments catalog. Our product range encompasses advanced sensors designed to accurately gauge pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, and temperature among others. Each instrument is engineered for straightforward and dependable operation, ensuring precise and stable readings across diverse applications. Choose Sensorex for your premium measurement solutions.

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Reference: EQUI-0721


S271CD Pulse Instruments M-11 Long-Life Replacement pH Probe

The S271CD pH probe from Pulse Instruments is a long-lasting replacement probe for pH and RedOx measurements in the laboratory. Manufactured by Pulse Instruments, it offers high accuracy and increased reliability for extended use

Price €220
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