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Installation Hardware and Accessories
Sensorex Measurement & Control System Accessories | Quality Installation Hardware Catalog

Sensorex installation materials and accessories: discover our complete and diversified catalog of quality products. Find everything you need for your project.

Sensorex Catalog

Sensorex Catalog

Sensorex offers a full line of installation hardware and accessories to meet all your needs. Our catalog includes quality products, such as sensors, controllers, cables, connectors and accessories. We also offer installation and maintenance services to ensure your system is running smoothly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and services at affordable prices. We're here to help you find the hardware and accessories you need for your project.

Installation Material and Accessories for Measurement and Control Systems

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Reference: SENS2-2379

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

EA899 series - Sensor Cartridge Housings for S8000 Series pH/ORP Sensors

Sensor cartridge housing for use with S8000 series pH and ORP electrodes. Available with integrated automatic temperature compensation and solution ground. Reduce operating costs of pH sensors by using the modular S8000 platform - only the sensor cartridge must be replaced. For use in submersion or in-line installations. Modular design lowers overall pH...

Reference: SENS2-2400

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

FCL - Free Chlorine Sensor, Amperometric - 0-10 ppm

The FCL Free Chlorine Sensor is an amperometric device designed for accurately measuring free chlorine concentrations in water, ranging from 0 to 10 ppm. Easy to install and use, it comes with installation hardware and accessories, making it a perfect fit for water quality control and treatment systems. Manufactured by Sensorex, a brand known for its...

Reference: SENS2-2458

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

ORP3000 - ORP Electrode, Research Grade

In harsh laboratory or field conditions, where heat, moisture, or corrosive chemicals may damage equipment, ORP electrode durability is key. The ORP3000 is durable inside and out. All the functional components – the ORP measurement surface, the meter connection, and the cable connection – are reinforced with protective elements. Durable Ultem® body...

Reference: SENS2-2474

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

CX20 - Conductivity Controller

The CX20 conductivity controller is a convenient and cost effective solution for monitoring and maintaining conductivity. Save space in your panel with the small footprint 1/8 DIN case. Use the two sets of relay outputs to program process control, including management of alarms and chemical dosage systems. Easy to install 1/8 DIN Case Two sets of...

Reference: SENS2-2602

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

EM800 - Output Modules for S8000 Series pH/ORP/Conductivity Sensors

The EM800 is an output module tailored for the S8000 series pH/ORP/conductivity sensors by Sensorex. It offers seamless integration with controllers and transmitters from the same series, converting sensor measurement signals into analog or digital outputs for broader control system compatibility. Designed for easy installation, the EM800 comes with all...

Reference: SENS2-2603

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

DO6400 - Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Digital Communication - Millivolt

The DO6400 is a dissolved oxygen sensor featuring digital communication and millivolt output, complete with installation hardware and accessories for easy setup. Compatible with controllers and transmitters, this sensor ensures precise and reliable oxygen measurements in water. Explore the Sensorex catalog for more on the DO6400 and other high-quality...