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Reference electrode
High-Quality Reference Electrodes for pH, Conductivity, and DO | Sensorex Catalog

Discover our Sensorex catalog of premium quality reference electrodes. Optimize your measurements reliably

Sensorex Reference Electrodes

Explore Sensorex's Reference Electrode Catalog

Discover a comprehensive collection of top-tier electrodes, meticulously crafted for precise and dependable pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen assessments. Our electrodes are tailored for diverse industrial and laboratory environments, encompassing an array of dimensions, configurations, and materials to align with the unique requisites of each user.

Secure the finest caliber for your pH analysis with Sensorex's extensive array of reference electrodes. Embrace the luxury of choice with our broad spectrum of product offerings.

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Reference: SENS-1072


S222RD-Reference electrode

The S222RD reference electrode from Sensorex is a reliable solution for industrial processes. It is designed to accurately measure pH and oxygen levels in liquids. This reference electrode is an ideal choice for industrial applications that require precise and reliable measurement

Price €138
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