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Probe holder
Sensorex Probe Holders | pH, DO & Conductivity Measurement Solutions | Industrial & Water Treatment

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Sensorex Probe Holders

Sensorex Probe Holders

Explore Sensorex's extensive catalog of probe holders, your comprehensive solution for pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity measurements in industrial and water treatment applications. Our probe holders are crafted for effortless installation and minimal upkeep, ensuring peak accuracy and dependability for ongoing monitoring.

Discover the full spectrum of our premium quality probe holders, engineered for precise water and liquid quality assessment. Available for purchase online today!

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Reference: SENS-870


FC71P-Installation of the fitting, 3/4' NPT, for S450

The FC71P is a 3/4' NPT installation fitting designed for the Sensorex laboratory S450. It allows for easy and secure installation of the probe thanks to its integrated probe port.

Price €73
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