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Regul Electronique
Online pH Monitoring & ORP Sensors | Direct Replacement Probes | Regul Electronique Compatible

Electrode or Probes PH and Redox ReplacementFor the pH and redox probe Regul Electronique.Delivery 2 days.Transport offered.Support Technical.Dure of life

PH and ORP sensors, Redox offer online pH monitoring Reliable in direct replacement of the probes pH and ORP, redox of Regul Electronique

References Available crosses: HI2910, SONPHREG, SONREDREG  

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Reference: EQUI2-1521

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

pH replacement probe for Regul Electronic reference: HI2910

The HI2910 replacement pH probe is an equivalent probe for the Regul Electronique electronic regulator. It is manufactured by Regul Electronique and is compatible with their regulation system. It allows for accurate pH measurement in industrial applications.

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