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Glass Body pH Electrodes
Glass Body pH Electrodes by Sensorex - Optimal Accuracy & Reliability | Easy Installation | Inter

Discover the Sensorex catalog of glass-bodied pH electrodes. Reliable and robust products for accurate and reliable measurement of acidity and alkalinity.

Sensorex Glass Body pH Electrodes Catalog

Sensorex Glass Body pH Electrodes

Discover a comprehensive selection of glass bodied pH electrodes tailored for diverse applications within the Sensorex catalog. These electrodes are engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy and dependability. Customers can choose from an array of styles and configurations to suit their specific needs.

The installation and maintenance process is straightforward, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Designed to withstand challenging conditions, these electrodes maintain performance in harsh environments. Additionally, they incorporate interference protection, which makes them perfectly suited for integration with high precision measuring instruments.

Experience the convenience of free shipping and benefit from quality technical support when you choose Sensorex for your pH measurement solutions.

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Reference: SENS2-2448

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

S857 - Calibration Adapter for Modbus Sensors

The Calibration Adapter (PN# S857) is used to calibrate modbus sensors. It threads on to the back of the smart sensor and it connects to a computer via a USB interface. This product is to be used with only the modular version of our Smart Sensors, which include: S8000 Series pH and ORP Sensors CS8000 Series Conductivity Sensors The Calibration...

Reference: SENS2-2445

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

S272CD-ORP - ORP Sensor, Online Process with Digital Communication

The Sensorex S272CD-ORP is an inline ORP sensor designed for real-time monitoring in industrial applications, ensuring product quality through digital communication. This glass-bodied pH electrode offers remote monitoring and control capabilities, making it a vital component for any process requiring precise ORP measurement. Find it in the Sensorex...