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Glass body high-temp orp sensor,
High-Temperature ORP Sensor | Durable Glass Body for Accurate Readings

High-quality glass body high-temp ORP sensor - reliable, durable and accurate for various demanding applications.

High-Temp Glass Body ORP Sensor

High-Temp Glass Body ORP Sensor: Durable & Accurate

The Glass Body High-Temp ORP Sensor is designed for optimal performance in high temperature environments. This robust sensor features a glass body that ensures accurate and stable readings, making it ideal for various applications.

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Reference: EQUI2-3397

Sensorex GT200/ORP Glass Body High-Temp ORP Sensor

Introducing the GT200/ORP Glass body High-temp ORP sensor, a part of the GT/GC SERIES GLASS-BODY PROCESS pH AND ORP ELECTRODES. Designed by Sensorex, this efficient sensor features a PTFE junction, double junction, and KCl reservoir. Boasting a -2000mV/+2000mV range, 12mm diameter, 120mm length, and Ag/AgCl sealed reference, the sensor is perfect for...

Price €276
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Reference: EQUI2-3398

Sensorex GT300/ORP Glass Body High-Temp ORP Sensor, Double Junction, PTFE, 12mm Diameter, 225mm Length, VarioPin Connector

Introducing the GT300/ORP Glass body High-temp ORP sensor from the renowned GT/GC Series by Sensorex. This double junction PTFE sensor features a KCl reservoir, bulb-shaped glass, and an Ag/AgCl sealed 120mm length reference solution. With a diameter of 12mm, temperature range of -5°C to 100°C, and a S8 VarioPin connector, it suits various applications in...

Price €327
Available in 1-3 weeks (*)