1. phcenter.eu

Thanks to a long experience and knowledge of the manufacture of pH and RedOx electrodes, We have developed a control system for our probes to ensure the longest possible durability.

The durability of a probe is linked to five main factors.

 1.Design .

-Our design has been proven for over 30 years

-Any modification is subject to an extremely rigorous verification procedure in accordance with the principles of the ISO standard.

2. The quality of the components.

-All chemical and mechanical components are subject to permanent control carried out according to the principles of the ISO standard with the appropriate tools.

-Our suppliers are audited to verify that their manufacturing processes remain reliable and robust.

3. The quality of its manufacturing process.

-All manufacturing operations are documented and periodically audited in order to maintain the highest level of quality, according to the principles of the ISO standard.

4. Periodic control.

-Every week we take samples of our productions which undergo durability tests.

5.Quality control.

-100% of our parts are inspected before packaging.

-Our packaging is also tested.

Our tools:

  • We control 100% of the probes with the most modern equipment.

Test system for pH and RedOX probes

  • Test bench with service life report.

PH and Redox probe test bench

  • Lifetime report.

PH and RedOX probe lifespan report