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Protective cap
Protective Caps for Sensors | Sensorex Catalog - Extend Sensor Life & Quality

Protect your sensors with caps from Sensorex. Discover our catalog now for better durability of your equipment.

Sensorex Protective Caps

Sensorex Catalog

Discover our selection of protective caps for your equipment. Protect your sensors with our superior quality offerings. Our catalog features protective caps designed for a variety of sensors, including pH probes and conductivity sensors. These caps are essential for safeguarding your sensors against contaminants, thereby prolonging their lifespan. With a diverse assortment of sizes and materials, our plugs are tailored to suit the specific requirements of each application.

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Reference: SENS-1040


PRO-CAPS - Protective caps

The PRO-CAPS are protective caps manufactured by Sensorex Process. These protective caps are also known as PRO-CAPS and are designed to protect process equipment.

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