The specialist in pH probes and RedOx probes for Laboratories and industrial applications.

We offer a wide range of pH and RedOx probes and accessories for water analysis.

Par parametre de mesure :




-Oxigene dissous

-Chlorine libre

-Dioxide de chlorine 

-Transmittance UV 

Par secteur d'activité : 

-Traitement de l'eau et des eaux usées industrielles

 Eau de la chaudière, eau de refroidissement et laveurs humides

-Traitement des eaux municipales et des eaux usées

We build water quality sensors for a range of applications, from boilers and cooling towers to hydroponics and swimming pools. Select your application to learn

filtration, plant, treatment, wastewater, water, watering

Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

Including boiler water, cooling water, and wet scrubbers

clean, water, faucet, pipeline, plant, treatment, wastewater

Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment

Including drinking water treatment, sewage, and water reuse

environmental, internet, internet of things, monitoring, nature

Environmental Monitoring

Including surface water, groundwater, and ocean monitoring

coronavirus, laboratory, microscope, virus

Laboratory & Analytical

Including clinical automation, bioprocessing, and education

hot, pool, sauna, spa, treatment

Pool and Spa

Sensors and instruments to ensure pool and spa safety

agriculture, farm, field, food, harvest, plant, rice

Agriculture & Hydroponics

Monitoring products for promoting healthy growing environments

beverage, drink, juice, refreshment, soft

Food & Beverage

Including brewing, dairy, brine, and sugar processing

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10 years of experience

With more than 10 years of experience, the pH center is above all a passionate player in the world of pH RedOx probes. Structured around a team of professionals in the sector, choosing is to trust the specialist in electrodes. We put our expertise at your service to offer you the most essential products for your daily uses.

Both for businesses and individuals

As the market presents increasingly tangible sectoral synergies, we are opening up to cover your professional (and personal) needs in the direct and indirect environment of laboratories, industry and education. Our site is aimed at SMEs as well as large groups, not to mention individuals. We have, moreover, set up payment solutions corresponding to any configuration.

Some other good reasons to trust us!

  • 1 / Because eu offers probes from major manufacturers.
  • 2 / Because offers you secure means of payment, flexible delivery methods and conditions to meet your professional needs. Whether by credit card, transfer, check or even Paypal, we support our customers in their purchase.
  • 3 / Because can deliver to you within 48 hours.
  • 4 / Because supports you with a dedicated contact. You will have only one correspondent for all your exchanges with us, allowing you to gain in efficiency and transparency.
  • 5 / Because the laboratory world has no borders, we deliver internationally.
  • 6 / Because we also offer you an assistance service, you will no longer have unanswered questions.


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