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ORP pH tester
Sensorex Catalog: High-Quality pH & Redox Testers for Accurate Water Analysis

Find the ideal pH Redox tester with the Sensorex catalogue. Quality and precision guaranteed. Order now!

Sensorex Catalog

Sensorex Catalog: Discover High-Quality pH and Redox Testers for Accurate Measurements

The Sensorex catalog offers a wide range of pH and Redox testers to meet the needs of water analysis professionals. These testers are designed to be easy to use, accurate, and reliable, ensuring that you get fast and precise results every time. Whether you're involved in agriculture, maintaining a swimming pool, or treating drinking water, our testers are tailored to support a variety of applications. Get yours today and experience the excellence in water analysis!

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Reference: SENS-893


PM1000 benchtop pH meter/ORP

The PM1000-Benchtop pH/ORP meter is a Sensorex laboratory pH Redox tester. It is also known as the PM1000 and can be used to measure pH and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) in the laboratory.

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