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ORP measurement
Comprehensive ORP Measurement Solutions by Sensorex - Probes, Controllers & Accessories for Water and Environmental

The ORP Sensorex catalog offers a complete range of ORP sensors for measuring the redox potential in water and liquids. Reliable solutions for industrial and

Sensorex ORP Catalog

Sensorex ORP Catalog 2020

Sensorex presents an extensive selection of ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) instruments for water and environmental applications. Our offerings encompass a variety of ORP probes, controllers, and accessories, alongside comprehensive measurement solutions.

ORP Probes

Our ORP probes are engineered for utmost precision and dependability, ensuring accurate readings in diverse conditions.


The controllers we provide are user-friendly, facilitating effortless operation and straightforward installation.


To complement our devices, we supply a range of accessories, including cables, connectors, enclosures, and brackets, all designed to support and enhance your measurement setup.

Measurement Solutions

We offer robust monitoring systems, control systems, and analysis systems, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of water and environmental monitoring.

At Sensorex, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that cater to the specific needs of water and environmental applications, ensuring that your ORP measurement and control requirements are met with excellence.

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Reference: SENS2-2567

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

S8300 - Modular pH Sensor

The Sensorex S8300 is a high-quality modular pH sensor that also measures ORP, offering precision and reliability for industrial and laboratory applications. It comes with installation hardware and accessories for easy setup and is compatible with various process controllers, suitable for challenging environments like chemical plants and wastewater...

Reference: SENS2-2572

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

S8300 - Modular pH Sensor

The Sensorex S8300 is a high-quality modular pH sensor designed for accurate pH and ORP measurement in industrial and environmental applications. Easy to install and use, it can be tailored to suit a variety of process conditions and features inline sensor technology for real-time monitoring of pH and ORP changes. For a dependable and precise pH sensor,...