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Smart Sensors
Sensorex Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications | Accurate Measurement & Monitoring

The Sensorex Smart Sensors catalog offers innovative solutions for industrial and marine applications. Smart sensors and monitoring systems to measure and

Sensorex Smart Sensors Catalog

Sensorex Smart Sensors

Sensorex Smart Sensors is a comprehensive suite of smart sensors tailored for industrial applications. These precision instruments are engineered to deliver accurate and dependable readings of various parameters including temperature, pressure, level, and more.

Product Range

  • Ultrasonic Sensors: For non-contact distance measurement and object detection.
  • Pressure Sensors: To monitor and control pressure levels in a wide range of applications.
  • Level Sensors: Ideal for measuring fluid levels in tanks and vessels.
  • Temperature Sensors: Designed for precise temperature measurement and monitoring.
  • Force Sensors: For detecting and measuring force in different industrial setups.

These sensors are crafted for seamless integration with industrial control systems, allowing for straightforward incorporation into pre-existing setups. Additionally, they are compatible with various software and data acquisition systems, ensuring the provision of precise and trustworthy data.


The Sensorex Smart Sensors Catalog features smart sensors that are adept at measuring and monitoring the quality of water and liquids, making them indispensable tools for maintaining optimal conditions in industrial environments.

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