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pH measurement
Sensorex pH Probes: High-Accuracy Measuring Instruments for Every Application

The Sensorex catalog presents a complete range of pH probes for industrial and scientific applications. Find the pH probe that meets your needs from our

Sensorex pH Probe Catalog

Find the Perfect pH Probe for Your Needs

Sensorex is a leading supplier of pH probes and pH measuring instruments. Their catalog includes a wide range of probes for various applications, including immersion and insertion probes, U-structure probes, double electrode probes, and external reference electrode probes. The probes are designed for maximum accuracy and reliability, as well as long life.

Probes are available in a variety of materials and lengths, and are tailored to the specific conditions of each application.

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Reference: SENS2-2326

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

pH Buffer Solutions - pH 7.00

Color coded yellow, one pint (473mL) 7.00 pH Value. Buffer is NIST traceable and accurate to within ± 0.01 pH units at 25°C, and remain stable over long periods of time. Standard packaging is shown. As with all buffers, these solutions are temperature sensitive. For accurate calibration, heat or cool your buffer solution to 25°C before using. If this...

Reference: SENS2-2408

Brand: Sonde pH redOx

CLD - Chlorine Dioxide Sensor, Amperometric - 0-10 ppm

The Sensorex CLD Chlorine Dioxide Sensor is a high-quality amperometric sensor designed for accurately measuring chlorine dioxide levels in water. Capable of measuring from 0 to 10 ppm with high sensitivity, it includes an integrated pH measurement for precise pH and chlorine dioxide readings. Easy to install and compatible with various control and data...